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WITH ALCOHOLIC ANONYMOUS’S PERMISSION, this 12-Step program and support group is adapted to Christ-centered principals - We are a group of brothers and sisters who assist those trapped in addiction and their families and friends who desire a life through gospel fellowship free of addictive compulsive behavior.

·         Meetings are confidential

·         No referral is required

·         No charge

·         Dress code is casual

·         Missionaries conduct meetings with a recovering addict facilitating the meeting

·         Meetings are held daily in LDS churches

·         The program acts as bridge or a link into full fellowship.


Program offers hope through the healing power of the Atonement

We teach participants to pray, read their scriptures, attend regular church meetings and come regularly to Addiction Recovery Program meetings to overcome the overwhelming feelings of guilt, disappointment, failure, shame, and hopelessness.


A Program of Repentance

Each step teaches a principle relating to the process of repentance.  For example, Step 5 states “Admit to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.”  


This program is a resource to Bishops AND ECCLESIASTICAL LEADERS

Many times Bishops and ecclesiastical leaders attend meetings with a member.  This helps “break the ice” until that person feels comfortable in the group.  Less active members feel welcome in a comfortable, informal church setting.


Our participants include addicts and their family & friends in a supportive environment

We see many types of compulsive addictive behaviors:




               Pornography (usually in a separate PASG group—Pornography Addiction Support Group)



Family and friends who are


               Priesthood leaders

               Others who come to support addicts


Meetings are a Safe Place

There is a non-judgmental and unconditional love shown to everyone who attends.  They are in a safe place to share honestly, thus bringing a spirit of healing that is so desperately needed.




                     DIFFERENT TYPES OF GROUPS:

ARP: for all addictions from drugs to anger or any compulsive behavior.

FAMILY SUPPORT:  for the family and friends of those who have addictions , those dealing with co-dependency issues.

: for all addictions relating to pornography and all other sexual addictions

YOUTH GROUP: those under the age of 18 (parents must accompany and attend separate meeting)



WOMENS ISSUES: grief, divorce, illness, anything that we cannot handle on our own.

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